Friday, November 26, 2010

Freelance Job Security: Hire Yourself

Hire yourself for any business startup The difference between work and a job is that work is something someone else gets you to do, and something you probably don’t like. A job, on the other hand, is simply something that is repetitive, and often boring.

A scam is when you are sold a bill of goods which makes you work – just you pay the employer instead of earning anything in return. These are learning moments to thrive from.

In freelance, you want to do jobs and not work. And you want to do work which will earn you income.

Of course, doing jobs requires some discipline. And you have to learn all the stages of the type of jobs you are doing, so that they are profitable and you can afford to continue doing these jobs.

When you are working for someone else, the discipline is just in following their rules, such as showing up on  time and sticking to a particular schedule. Freelance involves doing this all yourself. So you have to stick to your own discipline.

Now, there are tons of material out there which you can get for little cost, or free, which tells you how the Internet works, and how to market through it.

You just have to avoid scams and scammers so that you can keep your money while you learn what you need. (And getting that linked book would be a first step to avoiding these.)

The main idea, after you’ve trained yourself on the basics of delivery and marketing, is to form a business model and then do it. Plan your work and then work your plan.

And you have to also know that you may be changing that plan as you go, to make it more efficient and more effective. One description of this is found in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.

Once you have that plan, you then have to set a schedule and stick to it. Otherwise, you won’t get your plan executed with any speed.

And that would mean that you set out daily “to do” lists which stem from your plan. Weekly, it’s suggested that you check your analytics to see what your progress is.

The trick is to not get discouraged, but to keep at it. If you are doing Affiliate marketing, you are going to have to have several affiliate products which you are promoting. Same if you have your own products or drop-shipping other’s products – lots of promotion.

In Internet marketing, there are many different ways to promote – articles, comments, e-mail lists, videos, etc. (Again, the linked book will give you these different approaches.)

Possible Schedule:

Mon – Analytics review

Tues – New Content – post to your main site

Wed – Variations of this posted to several article directories and your blog(s).

Thurs – Find blogs and social sites to leave comments that link back to your main site.

Fri – Create videos and pdf’s from your original content and post these as well.

Sat and Sun – take some time with your family or create new products for your sales funnel.

Now, this means that you are creating at least one new piece of content every week, plus between 20-50 backlinks to that new content.

In addition to this, I’d suggest you also get Synnd and social bookmark your new material.