Monday, September 5, 2011

Online Businesses Thrive - Learning how to sex sells products

How to Thrive - Learning How Online Businesses Use Sex to Sell


I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a long time. Partly because I’m male and it runs in my genes, but also as it’s one of these subjects that everyone talks about and no one really explains.

Bottom line: we’re addicted to sex. Because that’s the treat which makes reproducing more of us worth it. Metaphysically, it’s because you reach a mutual level of interaction which is extremely rare – and people meditate for years just to get their mind that quiet. (And tantric practices delve into just this area…)

And any addiction can make people buy stuff they wouldn’t otherwise stand around for. You’ll see this in marketing all over the place. Notice that new car models all have a curvy, skimpily-dressed model up there?

It’s even better if it has some little cute animal in the photo or ad.

It seems that a curvy, sexy woman appeals to both sexes. Men want to be with her, women want to be like her (or with her – depending…)

But you see where this is going?

The below video is really cute and makes the point in an entertaining way:


Now, the technical reason why this works is found in Cialdini’s “Influence”, but it goes a bit further than that. Of course, I’m going to refer to one of my books, “How to Get Your Self Scam Free”.

Sex is really lower on Maslow’s pyramid of needs. But because it can be limited and a socially-interactive commodity, it falls under Cialdini’s Influence points. Below all this is the basic insatiable desires which Lester Levenson discovered years ago – that actually keep us thinking along this line of thought.

The bottom line is that sex is a desire based on the fear of death – wanting to have someone to carry on your legacy.

Of course, there are variations on this. Consider this image:

Kind of a wink-wink, isn’t it? Any guy would like two attractive females. And women feel more secure with other women, in general. (Men are soooo unpredictable…)

So this is another point you can use or abuse in your own Internet Marketing.

Remember, the sole difference between scam, porn, and honest Internet Marketing is solely based on the value and quality of the service rendered to the client. Otherwise, you are just entertaining people with cleavage, aren’t you?