Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrivelearning System Introduction - Spiritual Training and Online Business Tips

Thrivelearning System - A Guide

I've searched over the Internet for really workable programs.

They had to work and they had to help people actually improve their lives. 

The goal is that people are enabled to get their abundance which is already native. People don't know how simple it is to have a peaceful, free life. They don't know that starting an online business does have a learning curve, but when you find the right mentor and the right partners, it can be really simple and successful.

So these programs each individualy work. But the real power is that they integrate into a powerful system that is more effective than the single parts. 

There are two approaches to this - Spiritual and Business

Spiritual: You chould be able to have all the freedom, peace, and abundance you could ever want.

Business: You can and should know how to leverage the Internet to make your own online success.

Like many, I was caught up in the “get rich quick” “how to make money online” schemes that are very often pushed with Internet Marketing.

And it took me a long time (over a year) to learn enough to earn my money back out of the scheme I bought into. (No, I had to attend “Hard Luck U” and sweat it out with a keyboard and Google searches - it wasn’t found in the “training” I bought.) And that company has improved considerably since that time - it was lessons all around, the way I saw it.

But since then, I’ve really discovered how to thrive - by discovering and testing the exact techniques of self-help and spiritual training which will attract any amount of money or abundance you want. No “institute” required, no expensive ”schooling” or “coaching” - learn at your own pace, from your own home.

Now I am starting to regularly earn money working at home, mostly from online affiliate sales and my own books . It’s not hard to learn, if you want to invest your time (and a little cash here and there.) But you only get out what you invest of your self

Here’s the programs I found that actually work:


  1. Find your inner peace - Use Release Technique
  2. Learn how to remain calm under stress - Use Silva Life System
  3. Thrive financially with your Millionaire Mindset  - Learn from T. Harv Eker 
  4. Simply Wake Up and Live! - Dorothea Brande's classic. 
  5. Get a library of proven, workable materials - Acquire Spiritual Training Materials


  1. Do market research for products which will earn you online income - Chris Malta's Worldwide Brands
  2. Master social network marketing - Charles Heflin’s Synnd
  3. Get a site builder and web host with decades of experience - Site Build It!
  4. Find the simplicities to protecting yourself legally - Jurisdictionary
  5. Get and stay scam free from here on out - Get Scam Free

Release Technique 

Release Technique is simply learning to actually look at what is happening around you and letting go of what you don't want. Too easy, actually. Some people have to know more about such a technique before they can really put it to use in their lives. Larry Crane used it to save his life. He was already a millionaire - even on the cover of Time - but found he wanted to commit suicide because of his own inner stress. He met a guy named Lester Levenson, who taught him to release the inner programs which caused that. Larry changed his life - and has been teaching and promoting this course ever since.

Larry Crane Release Technique

Silva Life System 

Laura found herself in trouble. Her health was failing, she couldn't keep a job, she was desperately "in love" with someone who only took advantage of her. Then she rediscovered for herself the system of active meditation she had been involved with since childhood, literally growing up around it. Once she put this to use in her own life, she became more and more successful as she applied it. Now happily married with several children, she has devoted her life to continuing her father's proven program of active meditation. More people than ever have found how easy it is to meditate through Jose and Laura Silvas' works. There are reportedly millions internationally who are using Silva materials to gain calm, successful lives. You can, too.
Laura Silva presents the Silva Life Method

Millionaire Mind Intensive 

The key point is that you have to re-learn all you've learned up to this point about money. What he starts out to begin with is to tell you, “Don’t believe anything I say, but try these ideas out in your own life - and trust these ideas you are trying.” How Eker gets you to re-train your millionaires mind isn't all that new. But he took up the study of millionaire and rich-people psychology in earnest so solve his own inability to make and hold onto money. While he made (and lost) millions early in his life, it was his own studies into how people did this which made him an international success. Now he spends his time only in helping others to adjust their own Millionaire Mindset

T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive

Wake Up and Live! 

I was introduced to it by Earl Nightingale  (of "Our Changing World" fame). It was in his "Strangest Secret" recording where he introduced her now famous credo:

"Act as though it were impossible to fail."

And she explains how she got to that point in this book. The first section is an autobiography of sorts, explaining the gist of her discovered philosophy of life - and how that credo lead her straight to an amazing career after a rather mundane existence prior. Newly republished in an easy-to-read format, this book is an essential classic for anyone's library.

Dorothea Brande's Wake Up and Live!

Spriritual Training Materials

For anyone to really make their way through life, they have to find and follow mentors. With our modern Internet Age, you no longer have to take time out and travel to distant lands in order to sit at the feet of a Master and absorb their knowledge. Even the long-passed can reveal their secrets from their books and materials. I've assembled a short list of books which have been proved time and again to hold the secrets to all health, wealth, success, and relationships. The path is there - you have only to walk it. Build your library today!

Freedom Is - and your peace, abundance, and                     health are all native, too.

Web Site Builder 

Site Build It! is the only product that takes the time to prepare you to build a profitable business, before you jump into building your site. For the beginner, your learning curve will be shorter and you’ll bypass any show-stopping errors. For those experienced in site-building, SBI! deepens your level of understanding. No matter who you are, you are guided all the way until you succeed. This approach symbolizes SBI!’s steady-and-sure approach. It’s definitely not GRQ (GetRichQuick) and keeps you from getting distracted by false promises or dead-end tools and strategies that end up costing more money. Experienced users will appreciate avoiding time-wasters that don’t help you succeed. Think of it as a simple, direct, hype-free path that leads to success. Check it out for yourself.

Ken Evoy of Site Build It

Profitable Market Research 

The reason Chris started WWB is just because he knew how profitable it was to sell for others - but ran into the same shady operators so many of us do. He sat out building a company which did the homework for you - so you only need login to their single interface where they've already pre-digested the product discovery, keyword research, and verified the dropshippers as legit. No middlemen, no scammers. Just you, your hard work, and your filling bank account.  Not for the faint at heart - this is only for those serious about doing the homework necessary to find salable, profitable products to sell.

Chris Malta and WorldWide Brands

Social Network Marketing 

Once you have a product and a website, you need to promote it. Charles Heflin has been marketing at least as long as the World Wide Web has existed. And he formed Social Media Science just to study the social media phenomenon. Per their website: "Social Media Science is dedicated to the science of online social media as it applies to gaining visibility for your online or offline business. We are dedicated to educating the business community through a robust educational system as well as providing cutting edge software tools to make marketing your business easier, more effective and measurable. See what sets us apart." It's only here where you learn how to really market online.

Charles Heflin and Synnd Social Network Marketing

Get a Winning Lawyer - Defend Your Company

Dr. Frederick Graves is a lawyer who has taken on the formidable task of educating people how to figure out what the hell is going on. But it's not all that complicated. For any business, if you understand the legal system, you can avoid situations which would lead you into any unnecessary involvement in the courts. Technically, you learn enough to use the laws to do what they are supposed to - protect against inequality and bullying behavior. The point is that when you do need to get a lawyer, you can also ensure that he's doing what you're paying him for. With all else you need to follow in business, you don't also need the excess expense which legal costs can bring.

Dr. Frederick Graves - Jurisdictionary