Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Online Income: Dropshipping through WorldWide Brands

WorldWide Brands: Using Dropshipping for more online income...

Worldwide Brands - Your key to dropshipping success.

The point with dropshipping is to make money. Lots of it. The reason it works is that you buy low and sell high. Buying in bulk, or at least partial pallets, will give you something people want that you can sell for less than they can get elsewhere. Dropshipping works best when you can get someone to put your label on it and ship for you. Of course, there's a trick - if you don't know the dropshippers from the wannabe's, you'll wind up with several levels of middlemen, which means you can't move your product at a profit. You wind up with a loss. These in-between's take the profit.

And that's why I recommend WorldWide Brands. Because the founder, Chris Malta, ran into the same scene. He'd spend days chasing down a product to sell, only finding out that he was dealing with scammers who swore up and down that they were the manufacturer's direct agent. But their prices don't pan out. And so Malta set up a company which does nothing but research. Market research. The point is to find which ones are legit and then send them your way. And so his business is making yours easier. Check out his company to find your own legitimate dropshippers - so you can earn that fortune you've always wanted.

Dropshipping videos from Chris Malta of Worldwide Brands

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