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How Famous Author Best Seller Books Help You Thrive, Learning.

Thrivelearning Newsletter October 2011

The Route of Famous Author Best Seller Books

And again, welcome to all our new members!

Famous Authors have long been a route to personal and spiritual freedom. Through using their best seller books, many people have become free of stress and effort in their lives. The logical extension of this is now the CD and DVD with video's, MP3's and ebooks. This month, we examine these for you, and I reveal our most popular books, based on the hundreds of items I offer on Lulu.com.

First, lets get our freebie out to you - something we provide you every month: 

Best Seller Books by Famous Authors"Ideal Made Real" (free ebook download here) is a book by Christian Larson, which tells about how you take the dream inside you and enable it to become the world around you. While subtitled as a beginner's guide to metaphysics, it's 7 rules of "How to Begin" will help anyone move onto their personal path of self-improvement.

This month, as has become usual, we cover 4 main areas:

  • Ability - Best Self-Help Books

  • Economics- Wealth and Abundance, Online Business, Site Building

  • Spirit - Spritual Training

  • Nature - our local Missouri farm, plus observations from simpler, natural living.

And I always include a Resources section so you can access all the proven programs in each area. And as I find more, I add them. But only the one's I find personally effective to recommend.

While I work on some more than others, there seems to be progress made on all fronts as these are all interconnected.

Ability and Spiritual Training

Famous Authors have long been a route to personal and spiritual freedom. Through using their best seller books, many people have become free of stress and effort in their lives. The logical extension of this is now the CD and DVD with video's, MP3's and ebooks.

My own route in this was in researching successful best-selling dead authors to see if there were a common ground they shared. (They had to be dead in order to ensure any personal charisma wasn't a factor - whichi is readily apparent with many modern authors.)

This study found that the majority of the best selling authors either were claimed as New Thought authors, or based their studies on New Thought classics.

ABest seller books by famous authors hold keys to success.nother commonality - which was recently reminded to me - is that all of these authors were extremely well-read, or had devoted a great section of their lives to studying the humankind condition and distilling what was regarded as "secrets" (even though they were and are quite out in the open.)

Dale Carnegie critiqued more speeches than any person known in history. Napoleon Hill interviewed over 500 of the movers and shakers in his and our day. Thomas Troward studied all the major religions in their own language while a Judge in provincial India. Modernly, Stephen Covey studied 200 years of modern self-help literature, which included the above, before he came out with his 7 Habits.

All of these authors distilled the common principles which drive people as motivations. They each distilled what would make a person successful. And their best seller books resulted.

This month, I invested time in simply rounding up the books which people have found to be valuable. While I already had a list of Famous Authors on my site, which laid all this out, I created a new set of pages just to deal with uncommon best seller books which all fit into this category - and actually follow the criteria above, which you'll see as you check them out.

I hold that there are four areas of study which a person would get great gain by - and I held that these four areas of study formed a system which interlocked one with the others to forge a path to enlightenment, satori, cosmic consciousness, or however you'd want to describe it:

And while I went this route to get all enlightened first, I found as I studied the condition out that these same materials can restore all sorts of native abilities meanwhile - even without having achieved some personal high state of beingness. Which is a nice thing to know. I wrote this all up in a blog called "A Modern View" and have left it pretty much alone since then. I did extract all the material and put it into some sort of order in a huge book called "Winning Your Infinite Future" - which is a free download from Slideshare.net (or you can read the nearly 800 pages there if you want.)

With any luck, I'll take up in later monthly newsletters some of the rest of these as part of that system - though it's really discussed either in the blog/book above, or in Freedom Is - (period.)


Modern business economics depends on leveraging the Internet.This month wasn't heavy on blog posts. (Hope to rectify this soon.) I've been again working on streamlining a web-publishing system I can use immediately for my day job, and later to distribute my cartoon work.

Here's some core data about SEO and a system you can develop which will help you with all those various properties you've set up and may have difficulty keeping up with now...

SEO is search engine optimizing - which is just arranging your data in a form the search engines will be able to digest it in. Essentially, search engines work in words, so you have to take advantage of all the parts to a web page which explain that page in words. Like the page title (shows up in most browser bars), and alt-tags for images. You also want to have your key words which describe the site in those places as well in the headings on the page. And the page should talk about that keyword as a subject and help the search engines decide where to put it (an article about Tiger Woods is different from tigers in the woods.)

And there are some details to this, but that's the general concept.

For those of you (like me) who have more blogs and other properties than they know what to do with, I'd suggest you check out Posterous.com - this has an autopost function which will accept most of the major blogging platforms and you can add your own hosted blog in there as well. (Most of them, anyway.) When you post to Posterous, you then post to all the rest of these as well. So it's a nice little system of keeping things updated. Now there are also ping.fm and pixelpipe.com, but they are different ways to do this, and aren't as graphically-enabled as Posterous. If you only want to update your statuses to the microblogs, then you can try Hellotxt or Hootsuite - both have their advantages and disadvantages.

And if you've followed these tips as I've given them over the months, then you'll know the whole system I've worked up. But of course, I'm telling you but never going to actually work this up and sell it. Because the lesson of Internet Marketing guru's is just this: when you do, enough people start spamming with it that it quits working. So you are essentially in the situation of "taking the money and running." And most of these "guru's" are actually continually in search of the "next big thing". (If they'd kept their mouth shut, they could simply exploit their little system as a service and make a tidy income for years.) The philosophical base of this is that the more you can help others, the more help you'll receive. So utilizing the Internet to broadcast or syndicate your message will help everyone concerned.


The farm continues into the Fall. We had a very dry July and then some rain in August and September, but the ponds are quite low now and the grass really didn't recover after June. But my cows have generally done well, and the calves are all pot-bellied and starting to put their winter coats on as it begins to cool down.

We're now readying our last steer for processing this month, and I'll have 9 more starting next spring. Hopefully, these will be as easy to sell.

I plan to split this off into it's own newsletter next month, so we're a bit light on copy this time. However, I'll leave you with another cute picture of ione of my cow-calf pairs (her name is Sock, because it has only one white foot - down there in the tall grass)...

New calf, Socks, keeping up with mom in tall grass.

Resources for your Personal/Spiritual Improvement:

Freedom Is book now available!Again, a listing of the various online courses and lessons you can take. All these lessons are free, and many contain PDF downloads so you can print them off, or use Adobe Acrobat to search through them as part of your own studies and research. Several are based on published books, which is an inexpensive way to collect a study guide and book at the same time. Do print these off as you can, high-light and dog-ear as you want - this is one of the very best ways to apply them to your own life.

- - - -

So I hope this newsletter has found you in good health and typically abundant prosperity in all you do.

Again, your path is your own. What I tell you here is simply what I've found personally workable. You can take it and do what you want with it. 

But until next month (outside of any lessons you still have coming) - have a great life and enjoy each moment as you create it!

Robert C. Worstell - author, visionary, artist, writer, publisher



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