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A Personal Dream and Purpose for your Online Business

(I've been reviewing some material lately about online business from An Online Sunshine Plan, and thought to make some excerpts available so you can improve your life as you are leading it. These are also on, and are linked or embedded below. Thanks for visiting.)

You have to have a dream and a purpose for living.

Dreams and Purpose - photo credit: familymyr
photo credit: familymwr

Easy said, but most people don't – or bought the hype that they should quit wasting their time on dreams and imagination.

Actually, the real losers are the ones who keep telling everyone around them to be practical.

Everyone has special skills and their own particular dream(s). Everyone has their own special purpose for being here on this planet at this time. Everyone reading this book has picked it up for some reason, with some lesson to learn. As everyone is a student, everyone is also a teacher.

I drew caricatures at county fairs for several summers. Doesn't make a lot of money, but it made as much or more in 20 hours than working at 40 hours in entry-level warehouse positions. Anyway, some person came up one day while I was drawing and marveled at how I could draw. “I could never do that,” he said.

I replied, “Well, everyone has different abilities. But you probably can do something that I wouldn't begin to know.” I sized him up. “You can probably fix car engines or something I have no clue about.”

“You got that right – I can strip down and rebuild an engine in two to three days and have it running better than ever!” he proudly related.

“And there you go. When they came out with auto-electronic-everything, I was left in the lurch. You can fix car engines. I can draw. Different strokes for different people.”

He had followed his own passion into a high level of ability in motor mechanics. I had kept drawing and practicing and studying artwork until I got good enough to be kept busy all day drawing people into cartoons that would make them smile or laugh out loud.

You have to be able to listen to that voice inside you which tells you that you are really good at this and should stick with it. You have to have an ear to hear that voice that says, 'Hey, this feels good to me – I should keep going down this line.'

And then follow the hunches you get and the coincidences that show up. For me, people kept giving me pencils and paints and blank paper. I kept working at it, in spite of myself. And even though I found that I could write and spill words on blank pages as easy as paint or carbon, I still know that all this writing doesn't get the art all welled up inside me any closer to release.

But I also know that the messages I have inside are not all pictures – there are word versions, too. And so you have my earlier books and this one. Each one better than the last. (And wait until I come out with the illustrated ones...)

You have your own purpose inside you and you have to listen to that voice to find it. When it starts talking to you, take it seriously and act. That is what the universe is telling you to do. Act on your hunches, on your intuition. As you practice listening to these, they get more accurate. Like intuition is a muscle or skill – the more you use and exercise it, the better you get at it.

In order to get rich, you have to follow your dreams. If you want more money coming into your life, you have to use your best skills to their fullest.

I've studied all the greats in this field: Hill, Troward, Wattles, Covey, Peale, Haanel, Dyer, King, and many others – they all say the same thing in different ways.

You start with your own purpose and take it from there. This means you are going to have to un-learn quite a bit of learning you've swallowed over your life. Because those people around you are dead set into that current odd-ball schema that people should simply work for their industrial masters – sit down, shut up, enjoy your TV, and rack up your credit cards.

Nowhere in the modern Western educational system (or anywhere else, actually) are people taught to think for themselves. Usually only a handful of truly independent people are able to break out of that well-established mold. And those people – where they truly listen to their intuition and follow their dreams – become rich and successful. All of them.

No, this isn't in the press – because it isn't controversial. People getting better doesn't make news. Healthy people who make tons of income legitimately aren't headlines makers. (Makes you wonder why you are still listening to and reading these guys, eh?)

But you can read the biographies of rich, successful people and study those who have studied successful people (like Napoleon Hill) and you will find they all use similar patterns of operation. The first of these is having and knowing their own purpose – what they are trying to get done on this planet here and now.

They are rich because they produce very useful products and people think their products are valuable enough to pay well for them.

Sure, there are details on how to produce, market, sell, and service those people to offer them something to buy. I go over the details of this that I used to make my own fortune in the pages after this. I don't pretend to know every detail from every type of production, marketing, and distribution program.

But I know that as you follow your purpose, you will be given hints of what steps to take. As you need information, it will show up for you – or how or what you have to get in order to succeed. This doesn't mean you won't be doing some long hours or committing yourself to some very hard work in order to make your success.

But I will tell you that there is no reason for not succeeding. Your only limits are those you agreed to. So quit agreeing and start succeeding.

Now. Today. Start.

- - - -

As Brian Tracy says:

"More than 90% of your success will be determined by your “reference group.” Your reference group is defined as the people with whom you habitually identify and associate, most of the time. You are like a chameleon in that you take on the attitudes, behaviors, values, and beliefs of the people with whom you associate most of the time. If you want to be a successful person, associate with positive people. Associate with people who are optimistic and happy and who have goals and who are moving forward in their lives. At the same time, get away from negative, critical, complaining people. If you want to fly with the eagles, you cannot scratch with the turkeys."



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