Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to become a distributor - thrive, learning.

How To Thrive, Learning to Institute a Scam Free Life

How to Thrive, Learning to Institute a Scam Free LifeI've been saying this for years, ever since I ran into my own mega-scam and worked my way out of it. Ever since, I've been giving away the book I wrote in order to help others.

It's entirely up to you how you are going to spend the rest of your life. You can thrive by learning to institute some real freedom for yourself, or simply keep struggling along like all your neighbors, friends, and family probably are.

While I don't need to repeat them here, there is a Thrivelearning System which is composed of 8 (or 10) programs and material-sets that you can study to improve your life. And those will take you right on out.

But I want to bring you a new idea, which is down the online business side of this coin. I tell people to build and develop an online business because that is the highest-leverage income production source you can have these days. Low entrance costs and high profit - once you figure out the scene.

To get from newbie to pro, I'd suggest you study those programs in the Thrivelearning System above.

But this post is to encourage you to get into something you probably have already heard about, since the company has been around for over 50 years. Shaklee.

Your success lies, oddly, with Shaklee's MLM experience.Before you roll your eyes, I want you to simply take another look at this.

You may consider all MLM (multi-level-marketing) systems to be scams. And most are. Because they're in it for the money, not a high-integrity approach to improving the quality of life around them.

The trick to success is to be part of a team. Now this doesn't mean a huge, monolithic corporate structure. If you've read Robert Kiyosaki, you'll  have learned about how "having a job" is a quick way to also say - bankrupt in retirement. And the horror stories about how our own government politicians have screwed up our laws and regulations to almost guarantee everyone out there finds it impossible to achieve the American Dream - well, these can send even children to bed with nightmares if you listen very long.

But I wanted to tell you about how you can actually follow a completely free lifestyle (and I wrote the book on Freedom, too.)

I'm not here to pitch my books today, but rather to enable you to find your own route out.

And this has to do with how to become a distributor - which is a loosely-joined method of success.

Of course, this will run across several installments, but today's involves this one video to tell you how this whole system sets up.


So the choice is yours, as usual. Have fun with this!