Monday, December 12, 2011

Living the American Dream - hopeful opportunities still possible?

Living the American Dream...

- or - Can you make a good living in harmony with Nature?

An open letter to all my friends - present, past, and those yet to be::

Well, now I've gone and done it. And, as usual, ask you to reject everything I am about to tell you - at least until you've proven it for yourself.

You probably know how I've spent most of the half-century on this planet working out how this universe works, boiling it down and making it simple for anyone to understand. And next after that was to make Enlightenment (aka: satori, cosmic consciousness) also easy to achieve. Finally, I worked out what a person was to do with all those possibilities they have after that high state was theirs forever.

These are all written up and available as books. (The final one is available for free here, and courses on what I cover are here.)

Now, it's all fine to have a high personal state and so on - but what good is it if your broke and can't afford to buy good food to keep your health?

A person has to make a living meanwhile. And more money is always better.

But to be honest, while I've been figuring this "making a living" stuff out, it's been quite convoluted. Mainly because unless you are dealing with someone who is particularly honest and straightforward, there's always a bit of a slant or scam in it. So that has to be weeded out as well. (And of course, I was more interested in sorting some major issues like regaining native freedom, peace, and personal abundance to worry about this other much.)

Here's the logic of what to look for in making a living:

  • A living can (and probably should) be made without being part of the conventional "system".
  • It will probably involve the Internet, but for sure it will involve your own network of friends and associates.
  • Everybody has to win at this. And that means every single person on this chain of contacts which stretched through any and every life you touch.

While I was checking down these lines, most all regular businesses fell out and didn't make the cut. And as I do web design to pay my bills, I run across a lot of different business models. And this research was after I did the work of sorting out whether college degrees made a difference (they don't) and where entry-level jobs would take you (not very far, even after a 20-30 year career with a single company.)

The point all my research repeatedly pointed to this: you have to ignore what passes for conventional "wisdom" and find what really works.

As I've told you before, the other half of the "Thrivelearning System" is based on individual work:

  1. Knowing the basics of how to make money - and getting really clear on this.
  2. Having a website which makes you money and train how to make money online.
  3. Doing the research which allows you to find valuable products which you believe in but can dropship - or do affiliates sales for - and so carry no (or little) product in your own home.

All the best companies down this line have extensive training available at no cost. All of them. They really want you to succeed personally.

But the main points are those three above, regardless of the company

What I uncovered recently was a single program which fit all these. Now it doesn't mean that these others I found (and still recommend) are obsolete. And all that above training you may have taken up to this point will amplify what I'm about to tell you.

One of the funny things is that the company behind this program, as well as the program itself,  is that it's as old as I am. Both of us started the same year. And I'd heard about it all my life. When I did a web design for one of its distributors, I had to do my usual amount of homework to understand what he and his wife were trying to do with their lives. And they had very busy lives - he's a 4-time national truck-pulling champion and had a full-time business building racing engines. She works full time for the government in their agriculture branch. But in this last year, they were able to make a full time income using the scraps and pieces of time they had laying around - essentially by just listening to people they meet and friends, then helping them as best they could.

That sounds just too easy, doesn't it? But it was true - they made over $30K in a year, plus got enough to pay half of a new car. You can see them talking on that new website I just built this last week:

The product and business is Shaklee.

Yes, that's all hard to believe - and I don't expect you to.  

Why I'm interested in this is that it's probably the best business model you can have these days. It is basically recession-proof and you earn as much as you work, not just how long you work. It's the retirement you want, not what your company or the government is willing (or able) to give you. (More absurd claims I expect you to reject. Please.) And the "work" isn't really - it's helping people. 

As usual, I ask you to not believe anything I say - to only check it out for yourself. Just another opportunity.

Also also as usual, I'm running way too long on this.

The YouTube video channel to check out on this is FC Shaklee.

And if you like it, you can check out their products here.

Your choice, as usual.

Thanks for being there.

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Robert C. Worstell

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