Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrivelearning System - Get a Winning Lawyer

Finding out how to Thrive - Learning about Jurisdictionary - a course in making your lawyer win in court


Justice and Law - Learn by Jurisdictionary course

It's really not a tremendous secret what goes on in a courtroom. But lawyers and judges want to make it a monopoly, and keep it very hard to understand. 

If you are trying to run your own business, then you really can't afford not to know how these guys work (or how they can work you over.)

Dr. Frederick Graves is a lawyer who has taken on the formidable task of educating people how to figure out what the hell is going on. But it's not all that complicated. In fact, the procedure is actually based on truth finding.

And whlie Graves readily admits there are some lawyers and even judges who are blatently or casually dishonest, he says that being the effect of their ethics is your problem, not theirs. Because if you don't know how the system works and what your own lawyer and judge are supposed to be doing, then you'll have no idea when they rule against you and levy incredible fines - even force your business into the ground with their costs and fees.

You can get a great deal from his site. Many things are free for your download, such as a legal flow chart, free videos, and online tips & tricks.

This video can give you an overview of just how easy it is to win in court - if you know what you're doing...

But let's check out an earlier video on the same subject - but here Dr. Graves says you don't even need a lawyer


I ran into this exact problem - and the reason I got this course - was when I was seued by a bunch of scammers who (didn't you expect it) were posing another scam into a suit they filed on me. Now, after I went through the course, I found out that they'd acually left huge holes in that filing. So I was able to settle with out any cost to me. That was the exact point. When you know now simple it is, then you can win - or simply get their suit thrown out and with predjudice (they can't file it again.)

But there is so much more to learn and apply. When you have a course that lays it out - it makes all that much easier. And easier makes for more abundance.

Use in Business - Preserving your Abundance

For any business, this means essentially that you can avoid situations which would lead you into any unnecessary involvement in the courts. Technically, you learn enough to use the laws to do what they are supposed to - protect against inequality and bullying behavior. You can be your own lawyer and file your own suits.  And not that I'm saying you shouldn't get a professional when needed. 

The point is that when you do need to get a lawyer, you can also ensure that he's doing what you're paying him for. Saves you money and saves you money. 

With all else you need to follow in business, you don't also need the excess expense which legal costs can bring. 

And that's the reason I'm bringing this to you today. That's why this is part of the Go Thunk Yourself System - it helps you forward your spiritual training.

Get your peace and freedom - by knowing your legal rights.

Check out Jurisdictionary course today - click here.