Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrivelearning System - Social Network Marketing

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Do you need help with your social media marketing?

Having been around the Web for longer than most and also worked my tail off in real warehouses and brick-and-mortar businesses, I can safely say that if you can make your living with virtual products, it is much better. Easier, more remunerative, and time-saving.

So while I’ve already introduced you to Ken Evoy, I’d now like to present you with a glimpse of the future: Meet Charles Heflin, his Social Media Science, and Synnd.

Charles Heflin Biography

As yet, no one has seen fit to give him his own page on wikipedia. But he is well known in SEO circles simply because of his products – and how he is constantly ahead of the curve.

Charles Heflin started Social Media Science

Charles Heflin

From" target="_blank">LinkedIn , you’ll find that Heflin has been working in and around the Internet since browsers became commonplace. Starting off by creating one of the first (non-adult) affiliate programs, he took this online by 1999 and also lead sub-prime marketers to expand online. His consulting continued to expand until he created SEO20/20 and University 20/20 in early 2007 to better serve and educate individuals on how they can use search engine optimization and online marketing to earn extra income online." target="_blank">Social Media Science

Per their website: “Social Media Science is dedicated to the science of online social media as it applies to gaining visibility for your online or offline business. We are dedicated to educating the business community through a robust educational system as well as providing cutting edge software tools to make marketing your business easier, more effective and measurable. See what sets us apart…”

I’ve found them to be an incredible source of data and where I send people for the actual cutting edge of where search engines have been headed for some time. It’s only here where you learn how to really market online.

They have a nice little series of" target="_blank">email lessons you can sign up for here .


This brainchild of Heflin and a couple of his closest friends has been shaking out of beta for the last few months and is rapidly expanding it’s user base. Because they have built it on the principles which have never changed across the Internet’s history, it has become a success which already exceeds the successes of any known Internet Marketing system to date. And I use it every single day.

The problems it solves are these:

  • It’s easy to spend way too much time doing marketing chores. One that is particularly troublesome is off-page SEO. Like the process of building inbound links, schmoozing with webmasters and/or doing favors in exchange for link-love to boost search engine rankings.
  • Another is building exposure for your business in social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Some people get stuck here for more than 40 hours a week!
  • Still others spend endless hours bookmarking their content, aggregating and distributing RSS feeds, pinging and doing all manner of technical things in an effort to boost search engine rankings.

This just means lost time and money.

Too many chores, too little time…

You’re spending so much of your time wrapped up in marketing stuff that you are not 100% focused on your core business.

For example, many people spend less than 10% of their time actually developing their traffic to sales conversion process (sales funnel). Many tell themselves that they’ll get around to that once they get their traffic right. Many ignore the look and feel of their website or blog in favor of marketing. Most NEVER do A/B split testing on their sales pages to optimize their traffic into MORE sales… They just don’t have time (they say).

Still others, never design a good follow-up email strategy. Their list goes cold and they are still stuck on marketing.

If this fits you, then you probably want to go to this introductory page to learn more about Synnd.

If you aren’t sure and want more information, check out this page which has free reports to download, as well as numerous videos and explanations of Synnd and the services that Social Media Science offers.

Again, I use this network myself – and I’ve never had such astonishing results with all the years of checking and trying all the systems I could find on the wide Internet.  My advice is to not spend the years I did. Visit these links above to find out for yourself. No payment or credit card data is required (just opt-in to an email list you can cancel at any time – but I haven’t, because they keep sending me good data…)

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PS. Yes, those are all affiliate links. But if you like the research I’ve done for you so far, you’re going to love this stuff. And you don’t have to sign up for anything. It was months before I took the leap – and never looked back. But since finding out is free, just try it. Today.

PPS. If you want to become an affiliate for this product, use this link.