Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Market Research and Dropshipping Information

I got into Chris Malta's WorldWide Brand years ago while researching eBay. Unfortunately, I also was in with scammers at the time - on the bitter end. So I had to take time out to get my money back.

Malta understands this perfectly. In fact, the reason he started WWB is just because he knew how profitable it was to sell for others - but ran into the same shady operators so many of us do. He sat out building a company which did the homework for you - so you only need" target="_blank">login to their single interface where they've already pre-digested the product discovery, keyword research, and verified the dropshippers as legit. No middlemen, no scammers. Just you, your hard work, and your filling bank account. (And yes, he's created several videos just so you could watch out for and get your money back from scammers.)

Now this is slanted toward eBay and using dropshipping, where it's very profitable. But being able to access all thsi market data in a single interface as a market research tool can tell you a lot from that single few minutes.

No, making money online isn't easy. It takes some savvy. And you are investing time for money. If you do it right, it comes back to you several times over. If not - you keep spending time and learning lessons.

That's where Chris tries to make it easier. His site is chock-full of educational materials which enable your success. And you can check it out by seeing his YouTube videos for yourself.

Here's an example:

Text explanation:
In video tip 1, you'll learn what wholesale suppliers expect from you, whether you're an Internet merchant, selling on eBay, or running a home business. When you need products to sell online, you have to work with real wholesale suppliers and real dropship wholesalers (a.k.a. wholesalers who drop ship) every time, to achieve the highest profit margins in your e-business. Learn what you need to work with wholesale suppliers, as well as WHY doing so is critical to the success of your Internet business. You'll also find out how to spot fake wholesale suppliers, how to ensure you only get wholesale products at wholesale prices, and what a sales tax ID can do for your home business. If you're trying to beat the economic recession with online retail, or if you want to start an internet business, you need to see this wholesale tips video series.


But a funny approach is this short  video:

More seriously, if you want to see his" target="_blank">free product sourcing videos , then you only need click that link to go directly to his" target="_blank">Free Product Sourcing Video Course .

And he's also written numerous books, as well as producing video lessons. For instance, he's written and made readily available a free ebook about product sourcing and online business which will cost you nothing to acquire for yourself.

But you may want to listen to Chris Malta himself. He offers an email newsletter to keep you up to date on Product Sourcing and ecommerce trends. You only have to sign up with your email and can opt-out at any time.

Of course, the paid materials which come with your membership are even more valuable. Behind his "velvet rope", he gives you even more video and online materials you can study. There is a select group of links - a rolodex of sorts - which gives you the people and companies he's trusted after testing them personally.

The great part (at least for me) is that this is a lifetime membership. You simply pay once and can access his ever-increasing library of tips and tools as long as you want. So you can continue to find great sources for wholesalers, or use his research tool to check out potential product lines you might be interested in offering. Or even just keep up on the latest online trends. The longer you use it, the cheaper it gets. (And it's affordable to begin with, so...)

Of course, like any reputable businessman, Chris has enabled you to kick the tires and take his product for a test drive. Try this" target="_blank">free Worldwide Brands membership preview .

For someone just starting out in online business - or wanting to review the basics - just check out this ad:

Get Chris Malta's free ebooks on starting your own Internet business

Now, even though I could go on forever with this - as Malta has made Worldwide Brands into a huge, always accessble library of materials on how to succeed - I have to get on with other work.

Just wanted to let you know that this is one of the very, very few products that I recommend, mainly because I've tried it and found that this guy is the real deal and is honestly concerned about people making it with their online business. (He even created a" target="_blank">video series about how to survive the recession .)

If your serious about leverageing your time to earn the greatest potential abundance for you and yours - then start checking out" target="_blank">Chris Malta's Worldwide Brands (quite in addition to your studies on social network marketing).