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Jurisdictionary: Preparing for Hearings or Trial

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Preparing for Hearings or Trial ...

(From the Jurisdictionary® "How to Win in Court" step-by-step self-help course by Dr. Frederick Graves.)

Preparation is everything!

Get your copy of Jurisdicationary self help legal course today!Whether you're training for the Olympics or trying to win a case in court, winners know they must exercise, prepare themselves, and be ready for the competition.

If you do things the way I teach in my affordable,official, 24-hour step-by-step Jurisdictionary "How to Win in Court" self-help course, you may not have to go to trial. Most court cases can be won before trial, if you follow a certain method of proceeding.

But! You will in all likelihood be required to prepare for and attend a few hearings and, if you don't master what I teach in my course, you will probably have to prepare for and enter the trial arena for a final judgment.

Either way, you must prepare.

The best preparation begins when the case begins (whether you're a plaintiff or defendant). Here is when you memorize the "pleadings" (i.e., the allegations of the plaintiff's Complaint, the defendant's Answer and Affirmative Defenses, and the plaintiff's Reply to the defendant's Affirmative Defenses.

These are the most important documents in any case! The allegations in these initial documents tell us what the parties intend to prove, indeed what they must prove by the greater weight of admissible evidence in order to win.

Too many people worry about too many things that have nothing whatever to do with the allegations contained in the pleadings.

Everything begins and ends with the allegations contained in the initial pleadings.

If your case goes to trial, it will those allegations in your pleadings that you'll be struggling to prove by bringing in MORE evidence in favor of your allegations than your opponent has in support of his.

Get your copy of Jurisdictionary self help legal course today!Whether you're at a hearing or a full-blown jury trial, the only facts that matter are those alleged by the pleadings. Other facts may be brought in by witnesses, documents, or tangible exhibits - but the only facts necessary are those that tend to prove or disprove the allegations of the pleadings. Everything else is a waste of time and only results in muddying the waters and giving your opponent more opportunities to confuse the judge and discredit you!

  • Now is the time to list the witnesses, documents, and tangible things you have (or can get with your 5 discovery tools explained in my course) that will tend to prove your allegations are true.

  • Now is the time to list the witnesses, documents, and tangible things you have (or can get with your 5 discovery tools explained in my course) that will tend to dis-prove the allegations of your opponent's pleadings.

  • Now is the time to move the court to take judicial notice of all facts for which the court can be forced to take judicial notice.

  • Now is the time to move the court to take judicial notice of all laws that apply to the facts of the case.

  • Now is the time to file motions in limine to prevent your opponent from bringing in extraneous or prejudicial facts at trial.

  • Now is the time to file carefully-researched memoranda in support of your motions and overall legal position.

  • Now is the time to line up your witnesses, get affidavits of their testimony before you take their depositions, and then take their depositions so you can be assured their testimony at evidentiary hearings or trial will be what your witnesses "told" you it would be.

  • Now is the time to take depositions of your opponent's witnesses, so you can undermine them and show they do not have first-hand knowledge of the facts your opponent intends to use them to present, or that they are biased, or that they are convicted felons or otherwise unreliable.

  • Now is the time to order my affordable, official, 24-hour step-by-step "How to Win in Court" self-help course and begin to study it carefully so you don't find yourself behind the 8-ball when it comes time for hearings or trial.

If you do things my way, you may not have to go to trial at all.

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I've been fighting off 3 collection agencies. I am absolutely ecstatic about my victories. Prior to purchasing your fine program, I was just one of the ignorant societal herd these people prey upon. Your wonderful, user-friendly program is the absolute best $249 I have spent in a long time. My wife overheard the plaintiff's attorney saying, "Don't mess with that guy!" Wow! 
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Your course has been a tremendous help in preparing my appeal, and it has helped me spot bad lawyers and judges. I'm better prepared to stand in front of a judge and make the court follow the rules, including the other side. 
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A guide to the rules attorneys follow in civil lawsuits. 
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