Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thrivelearning System - Spiritual Training

Newsletter November 2011

Expanding to online marketing in related enlightenment venues

Best Seller Books by Famous AuthorsAnd again, welcome to all our new subscribers!

This month tells both personal and marketing progress, as many have been writing me with their personal improvement progress, and we've also been able to move into other marketing venues to spread the good news about this enlightenment and personal development system.

First, lets get our freebie out to you - something we provide you every month: To make these even more accessible to you, they are now being uploaded to either Scribd or Slideshare for easier access.

This month's special: a specially edited chapter of  "Ideal Made Real" by Christian Larson, entitled "The Art of Getting What is Wanted." Now, I gave you his whole book last week as a download, but if you've been reading it, you can see that his 1905 writing style isn't the easiest to follow by modern readers. So I've edited it - just separating it into sensible paragraph breaks, which make it more readable. Of course, this chapter does tell more details about how the Law of Attraction works and its mechanics.

An improvement this week (as you'll note from the link) is that I've uploaded it to Slideshare. And if you check down at the bottom of this newsletter, I've embedded that file so you can read it here and/or download it as well.

- - - -

I've streamlined this newsletter to just three sections now:

  1. Spiritual Improvement,

  2. Online Business,

  3. Resources.

I've moved comments about my farming and raising cows to another newsletter, but can bring it back if anyone's missing it. (Otherwise, drop me a line and I'll include you on that mailing list.)

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Spiritual Improvement

Spiritual improvement is where you can really take off.Last month, I told you briefly about the interconnected-ness of the four parts to this Thrivelearning System (which has become it's final name.)

And the posts this month picked up, even though I've been busy assembling comic collections and preparing to write a new novel for November.

I had an inspiration to start another blog set to get the word out. This is called the Savant Training Lineup on ( - and cross posts to ?Hello Next Generation Savants! on Blogger and ? evolvednow on (if you have other preferences).

This months' posts:

Living an "always on" universe.

The 50/50 rule and individuality problems

Tapping that personal positive feedback loop of infinite personal abilities...

And you'll find in scanning these that I expanded on what I was telling you last month about the interconnected-ness of these 4 programs/books were greater in result than they accomplished independently.

Now the kicker is another one I haven't had a chance to write up as yet:

The amount of personal abilities you can regain is infinite.

True - just look it up for yourself. This system is like a ladder you climb with both hands and both feet. Every time you move one of them, you are able to pull/push yourself higher - it doesn't matter what foot or hand you start with. They all take you into a higher state. And the point is that because you move closer to that "Self@Now" state, you never really get there completely. Like moving half-way to the wall every time you move. Sure, you can reach out and touch it at some point, which is what usually happens from what I've studied. But your gains just keep coming right along from here on out. Yes, you can get to that "peace that passes all understanding", but that doesn't mean you just have to sit there in some sublime state. You can go ahead and get all the various skills that psychics possess and more. Or just make everyone around you happy and able to get along with each other.

Of course, the same rules apply. You make the best progress when you help others open-handedly and concentratedly work on the win-win-win optimal solutions (you, them, and everyone wins).

Sure, there's a lot of details to this - and you don't have to believe me, as usual. It's just that this system works for me, so I evangelize about it to some degree in everything I do.


My online business is cartoons and illustrated stories.There are a ton of improvements to most of the programs I list. Jurisdictionary has been increasing their newsletters with a lot more data recently. Some of these I've been able to re-post to Thrivelearning News and Views. And I simply haven't been able to keep up with  Site Build It! and Ken Evoy. Every month they are coming out with more materials to both help you with building and effective online business, plus help you sell others on the concept. Meanwhile, T. Harv Eker continues to give regular Millionaire Mind Intensives across the country and has some new ways you can tune in without having to leave home. (Sorry I'm not on top of it, but send me an email and I'll look up the links for you.) The key thing is that online business is the best-leveraged business system you can get involved in right now, and has been for nearly two decades now. The trick is to get into what you really, really love to do and concentrate on making that earn income for you. (Hint - how can you best help others? What skills do you have and how can you fine tune them to positively affect the most people?)

I've just spent most of the last week getting some earlier work up online - which gives an over view of some busy years (mostly up to '94, but there's some 2010 cartoons collected there as well. I don't have these posted other than on Slideshare and Scribd, but hope to get these out in the coming weeks. At least I've gotten this marketing venue sorted out somewhat. Oh, you can see them now at my cartoons page on Midwest Journal Press...

Hope your days are as filled with fun...

Resources for your Personal/Spiritual Improvement:

Freedom Is book now available!Again, a listing of the various online courses and lessons you can take. All these lessons are free, and many contain PDF downloads so you can print them off, or use Adobe Acrobat to search through them as part of your own studies and research. Several are based on published books, which is an inexpensive way to collect a study guide and book at the same time. Do print these off as you can, high-light and dog-ear as you want - this is one of the very best ways to apply them to your own life.

- - - -

So I hope this newsletter has found you in good health and typically abundant prosperity in all you do.

Again, your path is your own. What I tell you here is simply what I've found personally workable. You can take it and do what you want with it. 

But until next month (outside of any lessons you still have coming) - have a great life and enjoy each moment as you create it!

Robert C. Worstell - author, visionary, artist,writer, publisher