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Newsletter December 2011

Learning to Ignore - and Improving Your Freedom

And again, welcome to all our new subscribers!

I sincerely hop you all have enjoyed your Thanksgiving and the gratitude you were able to manifest - which of course brings many more good things toward you. And now we can look forward to one of the highest abilities we have - that of giving gifts open-handledly to others.

First, lets get our freebie out to you - something we provide you every month: To make these even more accessible to you, they are now being uploaded to either Scribd or Slideshare for easier access.

This month's special: a specially edited magazine article from Napoleon Hill entitled, "The Magic Ladder to Success". It was written after his "Law of Success" and before his "Think and Grow Rich" were published. And I've embedded this one at the bottom of this newsletter.

Again, I've uploaded this to Slideshare so you can download it easier and even share it with others. And if you check down at the bottom of this month's newsletter, I've embedded that file so you can read it here and/or download it as well.


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We'll only be talking about spiritual training and online business in this newsletter, as that is what the majority of you have signed up for - and online business allows you a way to test what you've learning in your spiritual studies,  while to succeed in business you will need to have a thorough grounding in the spiritual. Just the way it is.

Now, you may just have had some thoughts which encourage you to reject what I just said - and this is good for you. Reject any and everything I say - simply test anything and everything you encounter for yourself to see it works for you. And that is the theme of this month's newsletter - that you really need to reject or ignore the bulk of what goes on on this planet in order to make real personal progress.

Again, this newsletter is linked here, along with this month's complimentary study material.

Good Hunting!

Spiritual Improvement

Not a lot of posts this month, since I've been busy writing for the National Novel Writing Month, which occurs every November. Of course, I've been thinking and going along, since the novel is a basis for upcoming illustrated books and cartoons. And as I mentioned last month, this is the solution for marketing these fairly ethereal concepts out to this planet.

I will give you some collections of older works I've done - mostly from the early 90's, but some more recent:

County Fair Caricatures
End of the Mexico Goat
Kid Who Found Better
Did You Really Mean to Say
Colonel Webpreads Adventures

And of course, these are more for entertainment than the heavy personal improvement stuff. But I imagine you can find some nuggets of truth popping up here and there through them. Most of this work was done before "Go Thunk Yourself" was researched, so they're lightweight - perfect for getting some distraction.

You may find that "entertainment" and "distraction" is just another way to look at things, to improve yourself - that when you relax and enjoy life, another message or meaning will come to you that may open doors or explain a problem or situation you may have.

My upcoming and current work is developing just down that line of humor. For the more I study how to market these ideas of actually getting people to restore their own freedom, the more I see that humor and stories of cartoon animals will be a much more effective approach. Not as easy to reject, and people who are looking will find something.

This does tend to lead us to the point of discussion for this month.

You should probably consider rejecting the bulk of what this world offers in order to make any personal progress. Or you can simply look at it from the idea of seeing things in a different light. 

When I was in the middle of getting scammed, my education lead me to a guess that 97% of the people who were applying for this same scam-program I had paid my money for. And my coach was astonished, since this was the actual number of their success rate. Later, after he left that scam organization, he told me it was much worse:

  • 3% of the people who started actually completed the program and built their own website.

  • 3% of those actually made their money back.

  • 3% of those actually were outrageous successes - and were used to make the promo for the (scam) program.

So you had a 1 in 10,000 chance of actually succeeding at what they were promoting - which is why the Feds and their own State officials got all over their case and forced them into a different line of work (they're still scamming, but not as much as before, mostly in different states.)

The point of this is that this is close to your own success rate at improving yourself. But you are in luck - you probably are already in this elite group if you are reading this.

But it might get worse.

The number of people who actually achieve any useful degree of enlightenment in any given lifetime is probably closer to 1 or a few out of a million. Meaning it's something like 3% of 3% of 3% of 3% of 3% of everyone out there. (Feel free to check the math on this.)

And it won't be any of those people who were demonstrating, calling themselves the "99%". Logically, 1) there weren't enough of them for such an occurance to be statistically probable, and 2) they weren't interested in improving themselves, just mostly complaining about others. (And we all know that pointing the blame at someone else has three fingers pointing back at you.)

It's the personally creative people who actually improve their life enough to achieve what is called "enlightenment", among other things.

It's more that the scene you should be working at is consciously testing every datum you run across (or are told about) to see if it will help youto acquire your own personal freedom - or whatever you are trying to achieve or acquire in your life. While any individual datum you get from the news or entertainment sources you watch or follow might be useful to some, you can bet that the bulk of it is useless. (Watch the news tonight and see for yourself.)

This same percentile-split applies to the information you get: 3% may be helpful, .09 percent is probably useful, and .0027 percent will be incredibly valuable and instantly life-changing. You could probably improve your chances of finding something very useful if you simply quit reading, watching, or listening to anything which wasn't already designed to be  valuable for self-improvement.

So you may find that you want to eliminate out of your life all these things which are simply wasting your time. Concentrate instead on just those things which may and can help you find your own path to enlightenment/satori/cosmic consciousness or simply being able to feel good every day.

In doing this, you may find that a great deal of what passes for culture in our modern societies are really wasted motion for you personally. You may also figure that if you quit doing or participating in these things, that your life would be better. (Like the patient said to the doctor, "Doc, it hurts when I do this." and the doctor replied, "Well, quit doing that!")

An idea you may want to use (or not) to improve your world. Like everything, it takes faith in yourself and discipline to get these out of your life. But you can also simply not turn on the TV at night, and quit reading the newspaper. Pick up a good self-help or inspirational book or movie instead. Start filling your time with these other datums and you may find your life being more inspired, that what you start seeing in the world around you is more helpful.

Just an idea for you to try.

A common technique to start with

The people I've been conversing with lately by e-mail have had a common basic situation and got the same advice from me.

In all cases, they were simply starting out with a ton of mental blow-back of how "I don't know where to start" or "I keep feeling I can't do this" or "I keep thinking how I'm not going to succeed."

And this is simply all those bad mental habits you've accumulated over the years which are designed to keep you in that state. Period.

And releasing simply takes care of these. Even if you don't feel like you are releasing, it's simply that more stuff is pushing in to make you think you can't or won't get any progress with this material. Just bad mental habits, programs which keep your mind filled with negative and self-defeating thoughts. The more you listen to these thoughts and take them seriously, the more they keep you down.

The trick is to start setting up new habits. You replace the old ones with the new ones.

This is actually a discipline which underlies any self-improvement. It's borrowed from Charles F. Haanel's "Master Key System", but is also found in ancient Buddhist training.

You learn to simply sit and listen to the world around you without moving or interacting with it. Just be there.

Do this every day for 30 days. Sit in the same place at the same time for 15 minutes per day - just sit there and listen to the world around you. Don't participate in it, don't think about it, just be there. Most people can't do it right off, but anyone can if they practice. Once you can simply be there for 15 minutes, then you can start releasing the stuff which is coming in that you don't like. And that doesn't mean getting into what it means or how it came to be, it's just letting go. Very simple, very direct.

The point is to learn to release daily for a certain amount of time, but to do that you have to learn how to sit still and just be there first.

So that's the technique you can start with.


Before I start in no this, have another download - this is an old excerpt I distilled from one of Earl Prevette's books: "The Power of Creative Selling" - in this section he tells you how the Law of Attraction works to get more and better sales.

Now, to discuss an underlying path to success.

There's a lot of people out there trying to sell you stuff which they claim will make you successful. Most of it (at least 97%, if not 99.9973%) is useless waste of your energy.

Your success, as it always has been, is due to what you do with what you encounter along the way. (I got all my money back from a big scam I was involved in, and did the research to write a couple of books which enabled others to get theirs back as well. Not all people who this scam joint tried to fleece did as well. It certainly threw off their estimated profit margins.)

Now I've resisted this, but there are certain affiliate programs which I recommend, but haven't been really pushing. And I subscribe to the mail lists of all the programs I've found effective. Some of these are very active, and are very supportive of people who support them. They send out regular emails (at least once a month) and are quite good offers.

But I've resisted forwarding them, as this type of stuff can get pretty lame, real quick (just what you needed in your email in-box). The problem is that many people aren't receptive to this when they first hear about it. Or the offer isn't made that particularly appeals to them.

Unfortunately, this means I haven't forwarded some very good offers to you. So unwittingly, I've kept you from your own progress - perhaps.

You won't know until I start forwarding these offers to you.

These are the programs which routinely send good information either about their products or how to use them to improve your life:

Not surprisingly, these are all under the heading of how to help you build and defend your own online business to get the success you've always wanted.

I'd like to start forwarding these emails to you, so that you can take advantage of these many limited offers. And if I find some more, I'll send them along.

Again, I only recommend those products which I personally have gone through and gotten gains from.

Sign up here, and they'll start coming to you. This is a pilot program - if enough people want this, then I'll expand it so everyone can get these benefits. But you'll be able to sign out of these special offers at any time, without having to quit any particular email course you are currently taking.

The point is to enable you to improve your life beyond any reality which may be currently limiting you. Your choice, as usual.

Thanks for reading.

Here's hoping your days are filled with success and joy...

Resources for your Personal/Spiritual Improvement:

Again, a listing of the various online courses and lessons you can take. All these lessons are free, and many contain PDF downloads so you can print them off, or use Adobe Acrobat to search through them as part of your own studies and research. Several are based on published books, which is an inexpensive way to collect a study guide and book at the same time. Do print these off as you can, high-light and dog-ear as you want - this is one of the very best ways to apply them to your own life.

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So I hope this newsletter has found you in good health and typically abundant prosperity in all you do.

Again, your path is your own. What I tell you here is simply what I've found personally workable. You can take it and do what you want with it. 

But until next month (outside of any lessons you still have coming) - have a great life and enjoy each moment as you create it!