Sunday, November 25, 2012

Serenity, Zen, The Zone - all these are native states to discover...

"Serenity" is probably he least understood and the most sought after - but is a native ability...

You wouldn't know it by listening to the conventional wisdom going around.

Because our "modern age" is frantically trying to fill the various gaps and spaces in our brief attention spans with everything possible to distractive offer they can. We are supposed to be amused constantly as the highest state in our lives - when we aren't working to pay for something more we "want" because "everyone else likes it."

That's a bit jaded and cynical - or is it...

The highest personal state a person could get into used to be called "Zen" and is now called "The Zone", among other things. When you are in this state, you can actually get things done faster and easier, more efficiently. What you want and need comes to you effortlessly and almost miraculously to those watching what you do.

Yet you take this all in stride, calmly and cheerfully expectant that things are simply going to show up as and when you really need them. Meanwhile, life is handing you an abundance of things, just what you need and nothing more, even without asking.

Because you have mastered living in this "Zone" all the time.

"Mastering" is perhaps inaccurate - because it's something that anyone and everyone has a native talent from the moment they are born, if not before (ask any Mother for certain "unexplainable" events while pregnant.)

All these authors I talk about, all these decades of research have come down to this simple point - it's all yours to begin with. You simply have to "let your light shine through".

These seemingly massive layers of personal programming which have been laid in, which seem extremely thick at times, which make a person defensive against any change or possible offense - these are actually like gossamer threads (what spiders leave in mid air to brush against your cheek or forehead, merely minor nuisances and quickly forgotten).

The point you have to know, especially per Allan and others, is that you need to seek this "Silence" as Haanel tells it - with a "calm, cheerful expectancy" which Nightingale describes. And as you perfect this ability to simply let things go, let them be - you are able to let more and more of your own native talent to the surface.

It's in doing that which starts creating the universe around you which you've only dreamed of up to this point.

Of course, it's a fascinating journey.

Good Hunting.