Saturday, November 24, 2012

Your Vision Makes Your Success - and Changes the World into What You Want

Vision and Ideals are what makes this world move forward and survive.

Allen tends to pick up speed here - as he's covered how you create your reality from thought, how to boost your achievement level, and now - how to create a greater reality around you by deliberately choosing high ideals and forming your vision around these.

Allen, then, is more inspirational than hard-pounded-out pragmatic steps to take. However, there are those like me who are here to fill that gap for you...

His point is well taken, in a very broad sense.

And the point of this series is to take these in order and compare them to the very practical steps which were laid out long ago in these earlier books. While this could be confusing, it really tends to pull the whole sequence together with the additional tools a person needs to make a great success out of themselves.

What has been done all along follows the concept of laying out a bread-crumb trail of simple steps as the brush and vines blocking forward progress are cut through. And in that, it allows others to widen the path as they come and perhaps pave it so it can be traveled faster.

Your point in all this is that there is a single underlying working system which enables anyone who uses it to simply achieve or acquire whatever it is that they want.

Up to the 1950's, it was Napoleon Hill who had the top rung of that ladder with Think and Grow Rich. Because he actually set out to find and collate a common, practical philosophy of success - distilled from these 500-plus "makers and shakers" he interviewed.

And it lead him right down the line to some very ethereal points.

Our more recent "The Secret" DVD was an underground hit (never made it to the movie theaters that I know of) - but this tended to deal with only the "feel good" concept of the Law of Attraction. Hill doesn't mention that law, but uses it with his "Burning Desire".

What gets added to this is both Levenson's releasing methods and Silva's meditation methods, as well as the underpinnings of Huna rather than eastern philosophy (which is later and builds on the basic Huna principles.)

In following that route, you have one which will take you from failure to enlightenment - possibly within just a few years or months (and in extremely rare cases, a few minutes.)

The work on that route which is left is then:

  1. Get it marketed so people can find it.
  2. Fill in the broader gaps with smaller steps.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of material from these authors to draw from. Both in practical actions any person can include in their lives and also examples of how people have used this in their personal lives. It helps to know where people have been there, done that - makes it easier to try it on one's own. (None of us want to be Icarus and fall from the sky in our attempt.)

And so this series continues - and the review of these changes and refines my own existence and purpose.

Look for some upcoming additional tools to use in your own journey. I've been busy as work meanwhile (hammer and tongs) finding how to get all these great classic self-help works out to you in formats you can use...